BRWD 100ml

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Have you ever wanted the sweet taste of coffee, but realized that you're already running late with no chance of being able to make a pit stop at your favorite Java House? Well worry not, BRWD has you covered! Each of the wonderful coffee flavors is the perfect pick-me-up on the longest of Monday mornings! Pick up a bottle today for yourself or for your favorite coffee connoisseur!


Flavors Available from BRWD:

Rio: A warm mug of freshly brewed fair-trade South American java beans infused with rich, nutty hazelnut 

Seattle: A wonderful cup of perfectly aerated and steamed milk and fresh caramel syrup with shots of piping hot espresso at the bottom


BRWD Features:

  • 100mL Chubby Gorilla bottle
  • Available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine levels
  • Brewed and bottled in the United States