Our Story

Welcome To BAM! Vapor

BAM Vapor LLC is a premier vapor shop serving the great folk's of Brownwood TX and Early TX. Our reach spans from Brownwood all over the great state of Texas and beyond. We like to call our vapor store in Brownwood, "The BIGGEST Little Vape Shop In Texas". If you came in you would see why. We are stocked wall to wall with top electronic cigarette products - including all the top new Starter Kits, Premium E-Liquids, Coils, Batteries, and so much more you can find by following the tabs in the top menu of this website or even stopping in our store.

In 2012 owners Ashley and Chris Nosek were approached by a longtime friend Garett who had just bought a 1st generation ecig for himself. With one try the couple was in shock and dismay to think that something that wasn't a cigarette sure did seem like it would do the trick. Sure enough, a few day's later Chris and Ashley put out their cigarettes for the last time and switched to the alternative - Vaping. Pretty soon they were telling all of their friends and family about the success they had encountered with vaping. It didn't stop there because now they wanted to bring the great news to the masses.

In 2013 BAM! Vapor opened as the 1st Vape Shop in Brownwood Texas. From day one the response from customers has been nothing short of Amazing! We are truly blessed to be able to provide a product and service to our customers that we stand behind 100%. If you are on the fence about quitting smoking but still have some lingering questions before you get started then please contact us so we can guide you to finding the best solution for your vaping needs.